what is the API endpoint for application errors page
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Hi Community,

In service center we can see any application errors using the page 


We would like to be able to retrieve these errors via rest api and then parse the data for our custom application monitors.

Ideally we would retrieve the "Details" information rather than just the headline.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I assume there must be a lifetime api endpoint or something similar but I can't find it.

Many thanks,



Hi Andy,

The following Forge component exposes all the relevant platform monitoring data through REST services. 

Hope this helps!



Hi @Andy Cody ,

On top of what  @Nordin Ahdi suggested if you want inspiration regarding:

  • Parsing data;
  • Build analytics on top of it.

Check this OutSystems public repository: https://github.com/OutSystems/outsystems-elastic-integration

If you have question, let me know.



For others searching please note that while Nordin is correct,  and MonitorProbe makes the errors available via REST it is not part of the LifetimeAPI, so the application needs to be configured and deployed in every environment you wish to monitor. MonitorProbe utilises LifetimeAPI for some endpoints but for errors it hits the errors table directly and makes the result available via its own REST endpoint.

Regards and thanks to Nordin & Urbano for replies.


@Andy Cody 

Good to know it helped.

Please note MonitorProbe doesn't use Lifetime API to expose monitoring data, it just use it to assure authentication and check permission levels.

Monitoring data is expose by leveraging OutSystems System Entities. If you want to understand better, please check this page (the bottom of it):


Thanks Urbano, 

You are right, I stand corrected, the Lifetime API is not used for monitoring here.

Thanks for clarification,


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