[OutSystems Charts] Allow Outsystems Charts to be opened
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
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Traditional Web, Reactive

We can open OutsystemsUI, OutsystemsMaps, inspect and customize components (as clones) but not with Outsystems Charts. This is the message you get if you download the .oap and try and open the .oml:

This module doesn't have the "Open Module" context menu:

While OutsystemsUI/Maps does have:

I don't see the reason for this, it's like it was a mistake. Can you guys make it possible to open this module?




Hi Leandro,

That is indeed in consequent, I will ask around at OutSystems, what the reason is for this.



Agree, I like opening up Outsystems own modules, just to learn how certain features have been implemented, and to get ideas I can use in my own components. I've been doing some work on Charts recently and would have saved some significant time (and avoided some errors) if I had been able to see how the regular Charts component worked.

Hello to all.

Sorry for such a late response.

Regarding the Charts component, it has some intellectual property that cannot be shared (some from OutSystems and other from the 3rd party library).

If being able to see the code is a big requirement, we can considerer if the component can be refactored in a way that it can be opened without compromising the same intellectual property that was mentioned before.

We will be collecting the feedback, so if many people ask for this, it will weight on our decision.


Bruno Martinho

It would be very helpful if the chart module could be opened and cloned. Thanks!

Hello Bruno!

I created an idea so we can keep track of how many people want this. I really think a refactoring is the way to go, but since it is a Javascript component, we cant't assure this piece of code will be 100% protected.

Thanks for the response,


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