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Hello, I am just getting started with using OutSystems. I am being asked to choose whether I want to "Start from scratch" or if I want to "Start from an app". Which one would be the better choice? Mind you you I'm new to App building.


Hello Sasha. Welcome!

If you are doing the tutorials in Learn section, you want to start from scratch.

"Start from app" has a bit more content for you to look at, but you need a good idea of what you want in advance.

Do you already know your goals in OutSystems?


Hi Sasha,

First of all welcome to the OutSystems community.

Adding to what Nuno wrote, I would like to suggest you have a look at the OutSystems learn site and the especially the guided path to become a reactive web developer.

This free online training will learn you the main concepts of the OutSystems platform and guide you through creating your first application with OutSystems.

It's a lot more fun to learn how to do this in a constructive way, as opposed to just start trying building an app withoutnany training.



Hello Shasha,

Hope you going good. Welcome to Outsystem. If you want to start you can start from scratch with the Traditional Web Developing.

Here is the link ""

You can visit the link and start. There are Quiz and small exercise that you can try. It's a Outsystem base.

These are free courses and you can improve your Outsystem ranking as well with Quiz.

Hope it will help you. Best of luck.



Hello and welcome to Outsystems. It is better to start from scratch as a beginner so that can explore more. When you get an idea about basics you can go with "Start from app".

Thank you.

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