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How do I allow my mobile native app to have the password auto-fill function from iOS?

In practice what I want is to make sure that when the user puts his credentials and logs in, appears an option to store the password on the device. If the user ends his session, next time he wants to login, the device suggests the password auto-fill.

How do I do that? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Alexandre Oliveira

Hello @Alexandre Oliveira 

For that capability, you need to store those credentials on the device, and for that, I would suggest this plugin

or this one for fingerprint capability


Gonçalo Almeida

Hello @Goncalo Almeida !

First of all thanks for your input. I understand that those are valid solutions, however specifically in my case, I was looking for the capability to store passwords on iCloud Keychain and make sure that the password suggestion appears like the image below.

Alexandre Oliveira


EDIT: I think I misread your question, what I describe shows leveraging the password manager functions of iOS (1Password, iCloud, etc.) but not a "Save Password" option that you sometimes see with websites. If you are looking to trigger "Save Password" as browsers show it, then I am not sure how.

Hello Alexandre,

I was able to get this to work by adding the autocomplete attribute to the username and password field, and then adding some additional JavaScript.

  1. Autocomplete attributes
    1. Based on this:, add an attribute autocomplete of "username" to the username field:
    2. Add an attribute autocomplete of "current-password" to the password field:
  2. This will get you part of the way, but the app won't see the autofilled password. Add some JavaScript to fix this, as described here:
    1. To make copy/paste easier:
      document.querySelector('#Input_UsernameVal').dispatchEvent(new Event('input', {bubbles: true}));
      document.querySelector('#Input_PasswordVal').dispatchEvent(new Event('input', {bubbles: true}));

I hope that helps!

Hello Craig St.Jean!

Thank you for your suggestion but unfortunately it wasn't the solution. As you mentioned in your EDIT post, the trigger "Save Password" as browsers show it, it is exactly what I'm looking for but I'm not getting the results I want.

Best regards,
Alexandre Oliveira

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