[OutSystems UI] OutSystems UI Pagination widget input goes blank when using GoToPage
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Service Studio Version
11.10.16 (Build 40208)
Platform Version
11.10.3 (Build 27323)

I'm seeing a weird bug in the OutSystems UI Pagination widget and I can't figure out if we're causing it somehow, wondering if anyone else can reproduce this?

We have implemented a simple table list on a page with an accompanying pagination widget in the footer:

When we set the ShowGoToPage property to True, we get the expected input that allows the user to go directly to a page:

The user can click on the input and change the value:

But when pressing enter or tabbing out, the table data changes but the input goes blank:

I can't find any style or JS conflicts that might cause this, there are no errors in the console and the data refreshes correctly.  Can anyone reproduce this, or help me figure out what's causing it?  We've disabled the go to page feature for now, but we'd like to offer that feature if possible.   (We are using the latest version of OutSystems UI - 2.6.6)

Hi @Douglas Aldridge,

I upgraded OutSystems UI to version 2.6.6 in my personal environment, but am unable to reproduce the issue you are encountering with the blank 'Go To Page' value.

Though you did mention that there are no sytle or JS conflicts, but to be sure if you are using a custom class in widget's 'Extended Class' property have you tried changing/removing it? I noticed the thickened bottom in 'Go To Page' box in your screenshot.Regards,


Thanks for the sanity check, we do have some theming CSS in that app but I couldn't see how it could affect the input display.  Going to dig back in there and expand the search.

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