New Video Series - In-and-Out of OutSystems in 5 Minutes


I am please to announce that Netlink has been busy on a new video series called "In-and-Out of OutSystems". The idea is to showcase useful things in bite sized videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (minus some holidays).

I hope these interest you, and we are definitely interested in any feedback. The goal is to keep improving of course. We also have another series for longer topics, but that is still in progress.

Thank you!


Home Automation - Part 1 with WebServices

Today, we will demonstrate consuming web services in OutSystems, but with a twist! We will connect to web services exposed via a Raspberry Pi, which will control lights in my room. We hope you enjoy!

Home Automation - Part 2 with a Mobile App

Today, we will demonstrate building a simple mobile app to use the OutSystems created in Part 1. We hope you enjoy!

Home Automation - Part 3 with Timers

Today, we will demonstrate adding timers to our Home Automation project to control our lights at certain times and under certain conditions. We hope you enjoy!

Configure REST Endpoints

Today, we will be exploring how to use Service Center to change webservice endpoints, to allow dev to point to dev, test to point to test, etc.

How to Deploy to Production in LifeTime

Today, we will be taking an application in our development environment and demonstrating the process to deploy it to production. This includes verifying dependencies, configuring site properties, and working with deployment plans.

Rich Text Editing with CKEditor

Today, we will demonstrate how to use CKEditor.Reactive from the Forge to add rich text editing support to your reactive web applications! Hope you enjoy!

Role Management in LifeTime

Today, we will demonstrate how to use the built-in role management capabilities of LifeTime to control what your developers, release managers, administrators, etc. can do within OutSystems.

IdP Component for Single Sign-On

Today, we will demonstrate how to use the IdP component from the Forge, as well as IdPReact. These components allow you to enable single sign-on through a SAML provider to your organization's identity provider.

Hi Craig,

I have seen first 2 videos and both are really looking great. I liked your idea and interested to learn more in details from these videos.  Thanks for making these available for all community members. 

All the very best for future assignments!

Thanks & Kind Regards,



Thank you, Sachin! I’ve updated the list with yesterday’s video, another one coming tomorrow!

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