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Xebia is an IT Consultancy and Software Development Company that helps the top 250 companies worldwide embrace innovation, adopt the latest technologies, and implement the most successful business models. The OutSystems practice in Xebia has a focused, accomplished team with more than 11 years of experience in low-code development. We have 700+ OutSystems-certified resources in web, mobile, reactive, DevOps, architecture, sales, etc. On top of this, we deliver IT services with variable roles/skills at predictable costs to help customers achieve digital transformation.



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  • Banking & Financial Services

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Digital Banking in a Box
    Digital Banking in a Box
    • Finance
    • Financial Services
    • Banking
    Netlink's Digital Banking in a Box provides solutions for banks and financial organizations of any size to manage their financial activities via desktop or any smart devices. We provide complete flexibility to optimize and scale applications with dynamic user experience, all constructed from a single platform.

Projects Delivered

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  • Manufacturing
    Fleet Management
    • Customer Apps
    • Manufacturing
    2 Developers 15 Weeks Web Application 2024

    The Objective is to create a Customer Portal (* Customer - Organizations that avails FMS Services) for coordinating, monitoring, and optimizing that company's vehicle fleet. The Portal comprises of User Management, Asset Tracking & Management, Several Real-Time Data Tracking, Generating reports, Ticket Management, Analytics And Insights and so on. 

  • ComputerTechnology
    HRMS Portal
    • Human Resources
    • Computer & Technology
    4 Developers 21 Weeks Web Application 2023

    A back-office/HRMS portal where the lifecycle of every employee is maintained. This application provides different sorts of modules and features, such as recruitment and hiring, employee portal, performance evaluation, compensation, timesheet submission, analytics, data management, and workflows.

  • Insurance
    • Customer Service
    • Insurance
    8 Developers 5 Months Web Application 2023

    A B2B website for insurance brokers and client users to manage their products and BAU operations for Insurance quotations and policies. In UAE. New upgrade as 2.0 to their old legacy application and maintained consistent behavior with new implementations as per market competitors for brokers and end users of RSA. Simplified Quotation process right from q...

  • Manufacturing
    Fleet Centralized Billing for Europe
    • Assets & inventory management
    • Manufacturing
    2 Developers 90 Weeks Web Application 2022

    "MSX international is the administrator of FCB application. FORD runs the program ""Ford Fleet Care"" which is managed through FCB application. Application generates the consolidated billing for Fleet customers enrolled in the program. The enrollment is of two types i.e. Wholesale Parts and Services. Fleets get the vehicle service done at any Authorized V...

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