Reward referral system using dynamic links in outsystems mobile.
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I am trying to create a referral system, where a user will have his own referral link, which he can share to other users. And when a different user clicks on that link, they should be taken to the app store/play store. On downloading, the referral code should automatically be applied/the app should already have the referral code(from the installation link) without the user entering it.

Firebase provides this functionality in its "Reward referrals", where it uses dynamic links along with realtime database and cloud functions with firebase: 

But I am not sure how this can be done in outsystems. Please let me know if there is a way this can be implemented.

Thanks and regards,

Amol Rane


Hi Amol,

I don't know if there is any forge component which already supports firebase dynamic links. But there are cordova pluging for the same. You can use them to create your own mobile plugin in outsystems.

Here you can find the list of cordova plugins available for firebase dynamic links


If you don't know how to create mobile plugin in outsystems, refer this training course:

Hi Amol,

The OutSystems team recently released a plugin on Forge that enables you to implement Firebase Dynamic Links in OutSystems applications. This plugin is called Dynamic Links Plugin (Firebase), here is the link:

You can also search for "dynamic links" in the Forge search bar and it should appear at the top of the list.

Please let us know if you need any help using this plugin.

Best regards,

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