[Data Grid Reactive] API_Search Deprecated
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I see that this component is Deprecated.

I don't see the reason for this, and how do you think the best practice for a "free text search" should be done?

Hello @Stein Jørgen Dahle 

We are currently working on Data Grid Reactive version, are we talking about the same component?

I would appreciate if you could illustrate your question with samples or images, we can work together trying to find a solution for you.

Kind regards

Ricardo Valim


Yes, my question is related to Data Grid Reactive.

You have marked the "API_Search" as "Deprecated".

I think this is a client-search on the JSON, and a good solution.

But if this API will be deprecated, then what is the solution for a similar search??

Hello @Stein Jørgen Dahle 

Regarding the API_Search, we've found that wasn't covering all the requirements to be able to search in the grid data, for example, for dropdown column, it was looking in the value and not for the label.

We've seek for a solution in the wijmo library and indeed there is a component that can be used to do that search. We will use that component and replace our code, under the hood, on the SearchData UI component.

The only drawback is that this approach doesn't have an isolated API that we can use in a JS function, it needs to be attached to an input element in the html.

This is the reason why the API_Search done with a client action will be deprecated.


Thank you

I assume that you will then come up with the new solution before the old one disappears completely. And then we do not need to find any alternative solution or do anything in the meantime :-)

The solution that we are looking now, will require to use our own SearchData block in the UI.

If you are planning on using your own UI and then use the Client action to filter, for that, we don't have a solution that works 100%. We will keep the client action as deprecated for some time.

Are you using the client action in any of your projects?


If you mean if we (me and Stein Jørgen)  are using it thru the block  Accelerators/SearchData or directly  SearchData_deprecated we use it thru the block, so a new or replaced block will be fine. It is the possibility og having one seach field that can match several columns data we would like. For example that the user can type in data that can an ordernumber, a reference, a customer number, customer name etc, and get all rows that match several columns without having to specify what column to search for.

Preferable I think it would be good if it was configurable in the columns if it should be included in the common Search. Maybe with true as default. 



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