What are "Screen Requests" exactly in Service Studio Analytics?
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We are trying to understand some of the logging that OutSystems is providing in the Service Center analytics. One of the columns on interest is the "Screen Requests" that is used for mobile applications. But we are not sure how to interpretate this metric since we don't know its definition.

Does anyone what exactly a "Screen Request" is? 




Hi Vincent,
You can refer to this link to get details for screen request & other tabs in service center.

Hi Pravi,

The link refer to another part of System Center namely Monitoring. Where I wonder about the statistic with the same name in the Daily Reports (for instance) in the Analytics section. Check the following screenshot;

Here we have one module with a Screen Request of 3104. Together with the Errors that is the only metric that is filled. So should this be a "time spending serving pages" metric then it's useless if you don't know the number of times the pages have been accessed. So that made me wonder if this is the same metric with the same definition. I suspect it's not.



Hi all,

This should be the nº of requests invoked within a specific screen.

To know the number of times a screen has accessed, you need to leverage the data available at oslog_screen tables(1) . They can be accessible:

1. Was you said from Service Center -> Monitoring -> Screen Requests. You will need to download to Excel and then do in a 3rd party tool the counting of the nº of accesses per screen (this can, for sure, be done in Excel);

2. Expose this data to 3rd party tool. And then do this counting in that tools. Ways of accessing that data are:

  1. By direct access to the tables or view;
  2. Exposing that data through a REST API, like it's possible with the Monitor Probe app.

(OutSystems provides accelarators in how to do do this with Elastic. If you want to know more, check: https://github.com/OutSystems/outsystems-elastic-integration)

 Let me know if this helps.


Urbano Freitas

(1) To see more details check: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Managing_the_Applications_Lifecycle/Monitor_and_Troubleshoot/Logging_database_and_architecture/Log_data_reference#Screen

Hi Urbano,

Thank you for your response. I wil check the table you mentioned and will surely check the Monitor Probe app and see if we can use this. I hope to do this next week so I will update this thread with my results by then.



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