Top 5 Reporting solutions

What are the best reporting solutions for the platform, according to integration, speed on run time, user-friendly.

Integration: 1 Agile Report, 2 MS Reporting Services, Crystal Reports 3, 4 BIRT
Speed on run time: 1 MS R...

User-friendly: 1 ...
Hi Eduardo,

Well, it's hard to make a sound judgement since it will always be a case by case scenario.

In terms of speed in runtime and user-friendliness, each of the traditional solutions performance and user-friendliness holds the same when used in conjunction with the Agile Platform. As such, the best suggestion I can make for you to get unbiased views on those topics is for you to search around for reviews of those platforms, and make your decision based on your own requirements

In terms of ease of integration, I would say that you can easily integrate with Agile Reporting Services, MS Reporting Services and Crystal Reports - at least the Agile Reporting Services solution has been tailor made by our partners Epopeia to be used with the Agile Platform, and we've had several projects in the past that have used the last two with success (we even have a tutorial for MS Reporting Services which you have found), so I don't foresee any sort of problem with any of those options.

Since the only solution you will not be able to find information from third-party sources is the Agile Reporting Services, if you are interested in learning more about it - or even testing it for free - I encourage you to post about it at its discussion topic, or send an e-mail directly to Afonso Metello, at Epopeia.

I hope this helps.

Has anyone else had any such experience with Reporting solutions that would like to share?


Paulo Tavares
I use the Agile Reporting Services from Epopeia.  This reporting package is so easy to use and  it integrates perfeclty within the Outsystems espace.  It is so familiar to use as it is setup just like ServiceStudio (ReportStudio).  You can quickly create your reports/charts and publish them without ever having to re-publish your espace.  It also has a ServiceCenter (ReportCenter) just like outsystems.  So you can manage your published reports just like you do in Servicecenter.  I have found the Agile Reporting Services from Epopeia very easy to use.  There staff is also very helpful if you ever have a question.  I recommend them based on the fact that it is setup and runs just like outsystems.  The reports and charts are so easy to integrate directly into your espace.  The package makes it so easy to create your reports. The queries are just like the one’s we use in Outsystems so you already know how the interface works. 
Just my thoughts… and experience…. I am very happy with my Agile Reporting Services from Epopeia
Wow - there's a glowing third-party review, if I ever read one!

By the way Dan, congrats on the Agility Award :)


Paulo Tavares