OutSystems Announces New Agility Award Winner

Faith Educational Ministries Delivers Custom Student Information Systems In Seven Weeks With Full User Adoption

San Ramon, CA, 26thJanuary, 2011

Agility Award

The Agile Platform provided the spring board to create a state-of-the-art Web 2.0 application that improves our business workflow. We were able to speed up user input time by designing the application screens for our needs versus trying to fit our process into an ‘off-the-shelf’ packaged application. Additionally, we were able to reduce employee cost with a self-grading function that grades student’s tests/homework and automatically places the grade in the student’s grade book.

Dan Stueck, VP of IT at at Educational Ministries


Recognizing Faith Educational Ministries’ SIS4 project is especially sweet as it validates the power of the cloud coupled with the Agile Platform. This application was delivered through a set of distributed development resources and exceptional business team participation, all of which resulted in an extremely agile delivery process that met the business needs head on.

Mike Jones, VP of Marketing at OutSystems

OutSystems, provider of the industry-leading Agile Platform application development environment, announced today that Faith Educational Ministries has been recognized with an OutSystems Agility Award. The award recognizes accomplishments for projects that were delivered following an Agile process and exhibited real business benefit.

The application was delivered using the Agile Platform in a distributed mode with the complete infrastructure for development and production deployment running in the cloud.

The Agility Award program was launched at the end of May 2009. The awards are submission-based and recognize teams and organizations who have fully embraced Agile methodologies and iterative, user-oriented development to deliver application projects on time, on budget and with 100 percent user adoption.

In the spirit of Agile, the Agility Awards are given on an on-going, monthly basis with winners formally announced each quarter. For a list of all award winners visit https://www.outsystems.com/company/agility-awards/.

Agility Award Winning Project

Faith Educational Ministries

Faith Educational Ministries - FaithSIS4 Project

The FaithSIS4 Project delivered a student information system to manage and store information for high school students, from grade books and transcripts to attendance records and financial information. Additionally, the FaithSIS4 Project provides users with an upload facility for test data and a self-grading mechanism. The system also provides all the needed reports for every aspect of managing a student’s information. Using OutSystems Agile process, from design, development, test and deployment, the application was completed in only seven weeks.

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