[Deeplink Redirect Web] How to ensure expression is protected by using  encodejavascript() or encodehtml()
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Hey all,

I' m using this deeplink component for redirection the webblock for traditional web has this expression with javascript

"<script type='text/javascript'>

    // Setting the regular scheme-based URL to open the app 
    var custom = '" + ToLower(AppIdentifier) + "://" + AppModule + "/" + Screen + If(Parameters = "","","?" + Parameters) + "';

    // Creating an intent as per https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/android/intents , with a fallback URL
    var g_intent = 'intent://" + AppModule + "/" + Screen + If(Parameters = "","","?" + Parameters) + 
    "#Intent;scheme=" + ToLower(AppIdentifier) + ";package=" + ToLower(AppIdentifier) + ";S.browser_fallback_url="+ FallbackURL +";end';

    // set the correct iOS App Store and Android Play Store URLs for manual redirect     
    var appstore = '" + AppStoreURL + "';
    var playstore = '" + PlayStoreURL + "';
    var fallbackurl = '" + FallbackURL + "';

    // Force the use of intents for all browsers on Android (useful if you have uppercase letters in the app identifiers)
    var forceintent = " + If(Site.Android_ForceIntentURI,"true","false") + ";

    var heartbeat;
    var iframe_timer;
    var timer;

    //function above has replaced : launch_app_or_alt_url($(this));


I'm getting a warning to use encodejavascript() or encodehtml()  how do i do that without affecting the code execution

Thank & Regards

Hi Kanishaka,

I have used SanitizeHtml() function to remove the warnings. Just include your script in SanitizeHtml() action and see if warnings removed or not



Hi Komal ,

It did remove the warning but the code did not  execute

Hi Kanishka,

You can Use EncodeJavaScript() function .

var appstore = '" + EncodeJavaScript(AppStoreURL) + "';

You can also refer this link :

Sharad Pawar

Hey i did do the same as above for the javascript literals but it didnot remove the warning

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