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For my department I want to create a report created from 3 excel inputs. Right now I can upload them, aggregate the right information and export the correct output. But i want to know what is the correct way (best practices) in outsystems. So i can improve this tool and my applications to come.

This particular one is about comparing data from 2 excel tables, with 2 different id's, which i can combine with a 3rd table. What I do right now is upload them separately, store the data in local variable, if that succeeds, delete all in entity and fill it from local variable. From there on i aggregate from the entities and show the result. I don't use keys in the entities, as i didn't know how to deal with the multiple identifying entries.

What is the correct way of creating such reports? Are there any courses about this that i missed? And how about using keys, it works without them but how important are they?



It all depends on what the reports should do.

Should they be stored/kept for days,years?

Is it always generated on the fly or not?

I am not happy that you keep talking about excel tables :)

Because why use outsystems for it, if you are working in excel anyways.

Are those excel uploaded frequently?

Where are the excel files coming from (can't you just extract the data directly?)

The courses you probably missed is basic datamodelling/datahandling which is not necessarely outsystems specific.

But also, and that's a bit out of your hands proabbly, what are the exact business requirements. Those are mostly solved by Business Analysts.

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