The request queue limit of the session is exceeded.
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.16 (Build 40208)

Hey guys! 

Can some of you help me with this error? 'The request queue limit of the session is exceeded.'

We have many apps and the error is just in production envoironment. All of them are Traditional Web (in advance, I can't send the .oml).

The database logs 50 errors everytime this happens, in a short lack of 1 minute or less.

Different servers of the cluster, different times and different apps. Don't seems to be related to each other but every application was built from the same "template". 

I really don't know the source of this. Does any of you have an idea?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Lenon,

Did a quick search and found this post. Please check if this helps you.

Thank you!

I saw this post before send the question.

Do you know where is/how to access this web.config file?

The applications are running on premise.

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