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Hi All, 

I need to have a quick help on Reactive Web Template. I am new and need experts advise: 

1. How we can convert a traditional Web to Reactive Web (This is a small app for my testing).

2. In traditional web when we drag and drop the entity 2  times it will create the page with search, and details link automatically is there any way for this in Reactive web. 

3. Can I also know if I want to add more columns in my list how to do it. Since it goes out of frame.

Hello Saravanan,

Moving to Reactive is definitely a welcome step. 

1. Converting an existing Traditional Web to Reactive web is a manual effort and there is no tool or automation involved currently. This could, however, change in the future because ideas such as this are on OutSystems' radar. As suggested here you may copy over server actions, entities and aggregates but not widgets.

2. Reactive scaffolding is available i.e. dragging and dropping an entity just once, creates the List screen and Details screen in Reactive with features such as Search, 'Create/Add New' and the Page navigation already created for you. Screenshot below:

3. You can always delete columns and/or add columns to the left or right of an existing column using the following features in design mode:

For more information please visit 

Hope this helps,



Hi AJ, 

Thanks for the quick reply for the point 3 when i add more columns to my right it is going out of the template and cannot see the remaining how it can be done. 

with regards


I understand your blocker better now. Yes, seeing columns beyond approximately 10 - 12 in the designer is not possible. After a quick forum search on the subject, the closest 'solution' you can try and implement is this.  The post itself is a few years old now and I did not have any success at implementing the instructions therein.

The general recommendation in the forums is not to have so many columns in a single screen i.e. beyond that you are able to view design mode. Hope this helps a bit,




Hi Saravanan,

To add on,

For point1, I think you can refer to this documentation.

For point2, reactive scafolding is available. You can to to the mainflow and then drag and drop the entities to the mainflow screen. The scafolding will be triggered automatically.

For point 3, I sometimes need to go to the widget tree to add in any logic for those columns not visible at the design screen

Hope it helps

Thanks AJ and Ronny for your quick advice.

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