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I want to make a change in the Common Block - "Layout", to accomodate a operation. I have already created around 10+ pages right now. So is it required to make these changes manually in each of these pages or can i change it in the common block and it automatically reflects in all the existing pages and any new page that gets created.

I tried to make the change, but the change is not reflecting in the existing page and only in the new page. Is there a workaround to do a bulk change in all existing pages?


Hello!! @Learn It ,

It's not reflecting, because the principal theme has more priority! So what you need to do is, use the !important property to your changes be the priority or...

Select the web flow where the web block is and set the theme property of the flow to your new theme.

Remember that the CSS of a web block is loaded by the browser prior to the ones in the page (including the themes applied to the page and they may overwrite the CSS of the web block.

You can learn more about that here! :)

This in terms of costumization

In terms of operations, new elements inside the layout

I found these ideas!!


Márcio C.

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