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I'm currently working on a Reactive Web App using the Data Grid Reactive module.  

I'm not having any issues with it on desktop or on chrome with the mobile layout.

However, when I go onto a mobile device, queries using Data Grid Reactive are getting the following error:

         Invalid regular expression: invalid group specifier name

The top of the error stack in Service Center is: RegExp@[native code] (seems related to the issue).

Since I can't recreate the issue on the desktop, I'm not sure how to go about debugging or isolating the issue either.

Thanks for your time and help!!!


Since version 2.3.0 the action column is now sortable.

Hello David!

Thank you for your question. We've already identified this issue and already have a fix for it. It should come on the next release. This is a bug specific to Safari. I will contact the team and see if we can come up with a workaround for now.

Thank you,
Gabriel Lundgren

Thanks so much!  

I'm also having the same issue on chrome and firefox as well.

Is there a specific browser that I should point people to in the interim?

Hi David, you're having this issue on chrome and firefox on mobile devices or on desktop?

The problem was on mobile (all browsers that I tried).

I haven't had any issues on any browser for desktop.

One other question, now that I have you.

Is there a way to add sorting by rows into the grid?

It doesn't seem to have this out of the box, unless I'm just missing something.


Can you please explain what you mean by sorting by rows?

Sorry, I was unclear.

I have a table with Action Columns, they are unable to sort in that column.

Sorting is fine for my other tables with other columns.

Hey David, for now, Action Columns are not sortable.


Since version 2.3.0 the action column is now sortable.

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