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Hi, In Tradition web I  want to use popup so I made everything but Cant take input parameter from parent screens form. why ordinary case does not work ? I will upload screenshots to explain better




I would say that when the value is changed you need to refresh the popup widget where the value is passed.

Hope this helps.

I don't have Popup widget it's new screen I'm using traditional web 


Use this tutorial is more accurate, and then do the refresh or passe the values to the popup via input parameter. There is the popup editor, where it's going to be linked to the popup screen, on the pop screen create the input parameter, and pass the values.


You have the link and you need to have the widget too in order for the screen open as popup. And on the input change, you need to refresh both.

Hello @Giorgi Dzirkvelishvili 

You can see this tutorial



Márcio C.

I'm passing values from Form but Popup screen can't get. I'm filling form input widget with my name but in Popup screen input parameter value is empty 

Hi @Giorgi Dzirkvelishvili 

Seems the variable contacts.firstName is empty.

Change the input from "contacts.Firstname" to "FormContact.Record.Firstname"

To apply this you need to set the name to the form


Gonçalo Almeida

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