I need users to be able to upload big documents (20MB)
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I need to ofer users the posibility of uploading big files of up to 20MB and this files should be stored in order to allow other users to download them in the future. 

Im not sure of how to upload files of this size, as the file upload widget will throw a time out. And im not sure either about how to store all this data.

How should I aproach this?

Thank You

Hi Pedro,

Please refer the below link.


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Thanks Sachin, im familiar with file uploads, the problem i have is that due to files being so big it takes a long time to upload, so the upload widget throws a time out which i believe can not be edited.

Ok. So, can you please try to upload the big file after increasing the server timeout.

Hi Pedro,

Do you have an error stack you could share?

If the upload fails it could potentially be one of two things:

  • Your request (upload) takes longer than the IIS request timeout limit;
  • Your file size exceeds the maximum allowed file size;

If your problem is due one of these limits you have to tweak your IIS settings to allow you to upload larger files.

If your environment is on-premises you can simply update the settings in IIS. If your environment is in th OS cloud you'll need to use factory configuration (example here and here).


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