[MongoDB] Error parsing infinity value - MongoDB Date to Outsystems Date
Forge component by Barduino


I am currently implementing the MongoDB on my application. The connection is fine and working but I am facing this error:

Failed to deserialize JSON to User_Reviews:
Error parsing Infinity value. Path 'review_date', line 1, position 193.

And base on my own understanding, it seems like the Date format on MongoDB is not "compatible" with the Date format of OS.

I tried to set my JSON Serialize/Deserialize to use the unix time translation as Barduino suggested on this question but still getting the same error.

Is there any workaround on this one?

Hi Gab,

It is hard to understand what is going on from your description.

So the next best thing I recommend is for you to take a look at the demo app, it has recently (ish) been updated to include a date.

One question though, how is that date created on the Mongo Side?

The solution for me was setting the structure attribute data type as Text and not Date Time.

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