Hybrid App (Traditional And Reactive) Session problem
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive
Service Studio Version
11.10.21 (Build 41766)
Platform Version

Hi Guys,

So We have an application that uses both traditional and reactive pages.

We uses the login from the traditional application and then once we logged in we redirect into an reactive page.

The problem is sometimes when redirecting to the reactive page it is causing an invalid permission due to lack of role.

But that user has the proper role for the access of the page.

Also Sometimes even if i call the user_logout in the reactive app, the sessions remains in the traditional application.

Any thoughts? 



Hi Charles,

A few things that come to mind.

Do you have Single Sign-On Between App Types enabled in Service Center?

Furthermore, are you using Windows Integrated Authentication in combination with a Reactive Web App? If that's the case, you can check out my answer here for more details.

Last, there was a bug around SSO that had to do with the issue you are describing, but it was supposed to be fixed in Platform Server version 11.10.0. According to your post you are on 11.10.4 correct?

  • Fixed authenticated user losing the roles while navigating from a Traditional to a Reactive app, with Single Sign-On activated. (RAR-307)
  • Fixed SSO between different app types so the roles are correctly updated and users are no longer blocked from accessing the screens in the session. (RTAF-3182)

Hope this helps you in some way.



Hi Nordin

Yes we have Single Sign on enabled

We dont use windows Integrated Authentication

yes we are using 11.10.4, So the behaviour is inconsistent. sometimes the role is not lost when redirecting from traditional to reactive. sometimes the roles is lost 


Hi Charles,

In that case, I would suggest to open a support case with OutSystems and ask them to look into this.

Without a proper investigation it is difficult to tell what is causing your issue.



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