[Data Grid Reactive] Is there any roadmap for enable formula featrure on DataGrid?
Forge component by Bruno Martinho


In FlexGrid it has formula feature.


In customer's requirement, supporting formula in DataGrid required.

(like auto calculation - unitprice * amount)

If there are any roadmap that implement Formula cell feature, please let me know.



Hello @Ayumi Fukushima 

Thank you for your question.

I've been investigating the link you shared and that specific feature is from FlexSheet, this data grid is built on top of FlexGrid.

Since FlexGrid is different from FlexSheet, it is not that simple to bring those features into our data grid component.

However we are on the stage of discovery for a feature called Calculated columns.

Can you share a little bit your use case? Is your goal that the end user could write formulas? Or only the developer can set the formula in Design time in Service Studio?


Bruno Martinho


Thank you for your reply.

At this moment requirement is  only the developer can set the formula in Design time in Service Studio in specific columns



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