How to send email based on selected date like calender screen?
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Hi, I have a case where I want to send an email with the selected date that select from a calender..
I'm thinking of using the timer but still don't have an idea to do that.

Hello Jason,

You are correct, Using a timer will be helpful in such scenario.

You can schedule a job with selected date and time of calendar and call the Email widget inside it.



Hi, thanks for your answer

Is there any example how to do it? Sorry I'm still learning and dont have an idea of how to make the calender and connect it with timer to send email

Hello Jason,

Creating Timer and using Email widget is fairly simple.

You can use the links Tom Zhao has given to refer and implement.

And for calendar part I have few questions:-

1. Is there any existing calendar which you want to connect?

2. Or you will be making one?



Hi, thanks for the answer

I dont know how to make a calender and connect it with a timer. The guide you send I've already tried and I can. Thanks by the way for your respond



What kind of calendar you are using? If it's google calendar, please refer to the document below.

You can receive "Push Notifications" and don't need to use a timer.

Kind Regards,

I don't know how to make a calender but I guess there is some widget calender in outsystems itself(?)


You can also try with the following:

1)Create OnChange Screen action on the field of date.

2)In logic of that action you can launch process or you can write logic to send mail directly.

3)Use selected date in your logic .

Hope this works .



Do you have any oml example or forge component that's similar like that? Sorry I'm still learning and newbie 

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