Convert Reactive Web App to Phone App
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive
Service Studio Version
11.10.21 (Build 41765)

I have created an app with Reactive Web App and I would like to create the same phone app.

Is it possible to convert directly the Reactive Web App to Phone App or is it possible to distribute (generate a mobile app) directly from the Reactive Web App, without developing a new app?

Hello @Pier Paolo Annis, right now the only solution that doesn't exist, is if we had the ability to put as PWA, but right now there is not. What you have to do is use the same components and same screens and logic that you used on your reactive web app and distribute/pass to a phone app type.

Thanks for your quick answer @Marcio Carvalho.

I have another question.

When you say the "..the same components and same screens and logic..", do you mean to replicate (to copy) the screens and the logic in the Phone App or to import all the dependencies (screens and logic) from the Reactive Web App?

Sorry! I meant you can try to copy and past from the reactive app to the phone app your screens and logic actions if you want to split things.

If you don't want to split,

I would recommend, to have a core service where you have your logic actions and your database, if you want to use reactive and phone app too, you will be consuming from the same place("module-cs") all the data and logic.

All clear, thanks.

Yes, I have a core service in another module ("module_cs") but some logics, for instance, some client actions are in the Reactive Web App in the logic section.

Do I have to move all the actions (that are in the logic section) to the "module-cs"?

hmm maybe yes maybe no, if it is an exception for web browser, you must keep, if it will be used on mobile and on reactive, I will recommend passing to the core service too, in this way you don't have duplicated actions being used when you have the opportunity to do that using just one action. That's my point of view and from what I think I saw on the 4 layer canvas.

You must isolate and reuse, what can be shared :)

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