[Multiple File Upload] Error uploading large file size (> 600MB) using MultipleFileUpload component
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Error uploading large file size (> 600MB) using MultipleFileUpload component

we get the following errors when trying to upload large files (> 600 MB). Note that we already increased maxRequestLength in IIS configuration, but it allowed up to 600 MB.  

How can we resolve this error ?

Error Logs show 2 errors:

this one 

and this one 


Not sure if the Forge component used the upload widget, but that one is limited to files of 250Mb.


no it is using javascript for the upload functionality 


It could be that you are killing the server with such a big upload. The error is about a missing network connection too and the second about cleared cache. This could be caused by overloading the server in a way that it doesn’t respond on anything anymore.

This is just a first guess, because I can’t see more details on your server.

Is the server still accessible while uploading? And what does the resource consumption look like? CPU, memory, IO, disk and network?

Hi Remco,

Server resources are ok, i monitored while uploading the file. It seems that the timeout is set in the javascript script which might override the IIS configuration. Any idea how to set it in the js script in the MultipleFileUpload component ? 

Hello @Maitha Khanji,

Could you please confirm the version of IIS you are using? You mentioned that you have increased the 'MaxRequestLength' value in the IIS configuration and that is good for IIS versions < 7.0.

So if your IIS version is 7 and higher you may need to additionally add the following configuration per Remco's suggestion in this post:

         <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="1073741824" />

hi AJ,

thanks for your reply. our IIS is version 10, i added this part (also it was configured in IIS itself) but still issue is not resolved. 

I have been able to upload files up to 1 GB by configuring two more parameters  as per the following links




However for files larger than 1 GB i am getting the error "System.OutOfMemoryException". I applied the steps in the link https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/62141/error-publishing-system-outofmemoryexception/ but still is not resolved. If we can solve this one then our issue would be 100% resolved. 

I am searching Google for a solution. 


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