How to auto refresh a page after a certain time (may be 15/30/60 sec.)
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Hi ,

I have one reactive web page which display data in a datagrid. The requirement is to refresh the page after a certain time and load the latest/refreshed data from the database.

Can anybody help me to identify the solution of the above mentioned problem.




Hey Avijit,

Are you able to solve the problem?

Hello Avijit 

Hope you are doing well. 

You can do this with a Simple JS -

function myFunction() { setInterval('window.location.reload();', 3000); }

It is only work if you want to refresh the Browser Window in same interval. You can set this JS in a common block with autorun as page loads. Then with interval of set time it will keep working. 

Please feel free to ask in case this JS Fails. 

Else you can use this Component: 

Many Thanks

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