[OutSystems UI Web] Default modal action launched without opening the modal
Forge component by OutSystems R&D

Hi, we have a weird problem.

We have a modal, which has two buttons, one of them set to the default button.

We have realized that, for some reason, this modal is rendered in the HTML in the KeyPress of all the inputs of the page, as indicated in the photo.

Due to this, we have had a bug in which a user has launched the keypress when entering with the keyboard, the modal has not been opened, but has executed its default action.

We have reviewed all the code but we have not seen the reason why it is associated with the inputs and worse, because it has not been opened in that case and has directly launched the default action

Can you help us?

I had a similar issue, so i added a JS forbidding that modal to open

 if (keyPressed && keyPressed > 36 && keyPressed  < 13) {




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