How to render a PDF file which I recived as a text stream?

I'm implementing a few functionalities of the Jasmin ERP (from Primavera BBS) in my project, more precisely I am inserting invoices into the ERP, and the call returns a response with a text stream which is supposed to be the pdf file (at leats that's what they say in their documentation).

My question here is if there is any way i can convert that text stream into the actual pdf file. 

Below is a file with an example of the text stream response.


Hi Maria,

there are many components in the forge to convert many formats to pdf (i.e. html page to pdf).

The file you sent doesn't look like a txt file. You need to find the proper format to convert to your pdf.


Hello José,

Thanks for the answer! So I've already been trying for a while to find what is the format of the file, but I'm not having much success. Do you have any tips as to how I can figure this out?

I live almost next door from Primavera Headquarters so I could just knock and ask.. :D 

I changed the extension of the file to .pdf and it opens as a pdf... although blank. Can you try to change the extension from real files?

I believe that the call to ERP is returning a different MIMETYPE than the one you are taking as text. Don't forget that the best integration would be to call an API (or similar). You take it as a binary file. It could be converting it to base64 and then to binary, with Outsystems functions.

If it is with API, I suggest trying it with POSTMAN and then integrating it with Outsystems.

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