[Data Grid Reactive] Data Grid Automatic Verification
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      When I set DataGrid's TextColumn Property Mandatory:True,  before I save this data , I didn’t click on the cell ()

and it won’t trigger the mandatory  verification of the required attributes I set before.

1,Set TextColumn Mandatory Property :True

2, Add New Row (Email is Mandatory,But I didn't set the value)

3,Click Save 

In this case, when you click Save, the validation of the datagrid will not trigger the validation, and the required message that I set before can not be thrown

But,when Before I clicked Save ,If I click the cell set as a Mandatory field,the validation of the datagrid is active 

Hello @He Caixia,

The suggestion to achieve that behavior if for you to write your own Add Row(s) context item using the Menu Item Custom Option.

In the Click event you can add the row or rows using the AddNewRows client Action and after that you can force each new row to be validated. For this there isn't yet a client action but you can use in a JavaScript node:

One single line:


We have attached an OML with this working example:

Please mind that this hasn't been tested for all possible use cases or that it cover all of your requirements, so we cannot assure that it will work for all use cases.

Please let us know if this helped.

Bruno Martinho


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