Responsive issue on web application using a iPhone 12 Pro max
Application Type
Traditional Web
Platform Version
11.11.2 (Build 29611)

I've having an issue with an responsive web application I've developed where it will not render correctly on a iPhone 12 Pro max. I've tested it on lots of other devices and the application behaves correctly and render perfectly on screen. Is there any way I can trouble shoot this issue or even better does any know how to fix it?

Hello!! What is not being rendered correctly? 



Hi Luke,

Can you post a screenshot of the screen and explain what you are tryin to render.


AJay A

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I'm using a a 3 column web pattern which isn't breaking into a single column on a iPhone 12 Pro max. 

Have you changed the behavior when is on the phone

Hi Marico

Please see attached what I have set up. I'm using the structure web pattern not the adaptive columns.



I saw that there are other issues in other components when using the iPhone 12 pro max. It was reported to the OutSystems about this issue now. I don't know if is something about the type of mobile, but let see what they say :)

Kind regards,


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