[Reactive Multiple File Upload] How to save multiple upload images & show images in table Record
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I'm practicing to save upload image files in Detail Screen and then want to show upload file in table with file names where can update in table again.When I click each file name, I'd like to show like pop up image with this file.

I achieved file uploading with file name but couldn't save also in Detail form and Table.

I created client action for image save file(SavefileImage)and reused this action in SaveDetail handler.

I've tried with couple hours but not yet achieve.I will share this link.

May I receive check my oml?

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Hello Hayasaka,

Please find attached the updated OML. I have modified the save action to store all the images uploaded through screen and same will be displayed on the employeeinfodetail screen. 

Review it and let me know, if you need any other help.

Thanks & Kind Regards,



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