[Simple Reports Reactive]  Print Quantity
Forge component by Rafael Fantato
Hi guys I'm new and I'm trying to print a list of labels

but the correct amount is limited

can someone help me print the unlimited amount.

follows the example file.

thank you so much


I'm not sure, but I think you are talking about screen1 in your oml ?

You probably see 50 items ?

here's the reason

Apart from that, I don't know how this pagelayout component works...

If there's only a couple of hundreds of records in your database, you can just make it 500 or something, I don't know if there are limits to that component.  I'm assuming you won't be printing lists of thousands of phone numbers...


I also thought it would be this but it's not enough to stop here on page 15 and no more records appear even putting an exorbitant number in the related table

I see what you mean,

I implemented that forge component and your module, added 3000 records in the database, and show number retrieved in header of report.  It does retrieve all of them, but report stops rendering them after 3 pages.  That component does quite a lot of console.log, and you can see it calculates a percentage of pages rendered, and for some reason stops after 3 pages, tough only less than 2 % is rendered at that time.

So, the problem I think is somewhere in the custom javascript of that component.

you see all records are retrieved

and de logging of that forge component starts with a large value for initialHight, so it recognises that there will be a lot of pages

But then after page3, with only 1.6% rendered, it stops

Take into consideration it says on the forge that it is a beta version, so maybe just wait for the final product?



do you have something similar to Simple Report Reactive

Because I need my reports to be printed

if you can indicate, thank you

I'm sorry Jone,

I don't have any experience with printing from outsystems, maybe someone else ?


Hi @Jone Berti 

List widgets have an OnScrollEnding event, you can use it for infinite scroll. In the table widgets, you might need to create your own block with JS for that.


Hello @Jone Berti,

Simple Reports Reactive throttles the percentage of the total pages/ content that needs to be printed to avoid performance issues caused by browser memory limitations . Rafael Fantato explains this further in this post from 2016 for the Simple Reports PDF component which I am quite sure applies to the Reactive version as well. The component was designed apparently for simple jobs.

The condition shown below is what limits you to print for e.g. just the first 3 pages out of a record count of 3000 records. When I change the condition to 'ProgressBar > 5' there was performance degradation but I was able to print 12 pages. So you could try a higher number, but expect things to get real slow, the browser may even freeze beyond a certain point.

I am unable to suggest any alternatives at this point. I just wanted to respond to your post about why the print quantity was so limited with this component.




Hi Jone, I've moved your message to this component forum.  The stucked % error occurs when some div or table or image cannot be inserted into just one page (css image max size config, for instance). It is bigger than one screen.

Are you trying to generate a 3000 pages? Is that?

Do you know about the data virtualization property? It voids render all data, did you try it?

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