how to hover over a phone number and  a popup appear to call that number
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i want to hover over a mobile number and a container should appear asking if i want to call that number or send a sms

Hi Hemant,

being a mobile application, I assume hover means clicking? Or are you taking about the mobile simulator on browser?


Hi Jose,

i am talking about mobile simulator on browser


Instead of OnMouseOver, assign with the click, because think, in mobile device, you will not be able to capture the "finger on the screen without clicking", more or less that.

Even if OnMouseOver was available by the IDE on mobile, which is not (maybe with some js tweaks), you need to understand the simulator is just a faster way to test the application, not to be used by the client on the browser. 

How would you make a phone call or send sms through the browser? (excluding the usage of other applications)

Hi Hemant Verma,

As José Gonçalves mentioned, In mobile hover means clicking. If is it so, then you can use as below mentioned.



Hi Ellakkiya,

thank you for the solution, but what i meant was on clicking the number a small window (like tooltip) should appear , asking if i want to call that number.

what utility should i use to open that small window

You can use Popup widget placing buttons inside of it.

Hi  Hemant Verma,

As Jose mentioned, you can use popupwidget or Actionsheet 




what should be the url for sms

Hi Hemant Verma,

In MOBILE application it does not have the "OnMouseOver" property, as it also makes no sense.

The ideal for your case would be to assign an action to click: when you click on the number, open a popup with the desired question (call or sms).

Anything, makes your need clearer.

Best Regards,
Edson Marques

Hi Hemant Verma

Did the above information serve for your purpose or do you any queries ?



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