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We are doing application modernization and preferred OutSystems PaaS. We are using OutSystems Case Management Framework in application. New cases created in application will go in Draft status and cases which are migrated from existing database will be in Closed status. 

We are able to insert data into framework Case table and our application specific Ticket table from backend. 

Case Management is a Framework which abstract many things and we are not sure if Case Management Framework is keeping data in more than Case table. 

Solutions we are thinking-

1. Using ETL to insert data in Framework(Case) table with Case Status as Closed. - Fast and Easy

2. Create utility Service in OutSystems which will use Framework methods like Case_Initialize, Case_UpdateStatus

to insert data in new application database. -Need additional development to create service

What will be the good soultion to migrate data to new application, which is using Case Management Framework?

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Hi Nitin ,

Based on your description I would recommend using an OS utility service where you use the CMf service and server actions to insert the old data. Otherwise, you will have to analyze the 'internal' data model used by CMf and make sure you fully comply with it (your 1st approach). That will also cost time and could cause unexpected side effects.

Good luck with the migration,


thanks for the awesome information.

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