[OutSystems UI] Web Block in Popup cannot trigger OnParameterChanged event
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I have a web block using input parameter to get different data. So I need to refresh data by OnParameterChanged event. It worked when I set the block in a screen, but it cannot trigger the OnParameterChanged event when I set it in Popup widget.

Hello @Ju Flower,

I dont know if I understant your question.

I made a like POC, that you can explain me better the issue that you are having:


If you want to do this I will send you the OML.

Hope it helps.

Best Regards,

Nuno R


What Nuno made is correct but what type of input parameter you are sending to Block,

is it from input filed or from Database?

Kind Regards,

Hi @Komal Kumbhar,

I dont understand the question:

"it from input filed or from Database?"

I just put the input field to give an example that is changing the value, the initial value comes from a variable that can be set from a Database or directly on the screen.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

Nuno R

HI Nuno,

yes you are right and the implementation is also correct just i am asking if the user calls the block if any data modified or the fields from db is get changed,

Kind regards,

Hi @Komal Kumbhar again,


Let´ s see if Ju Flower reply and explain better the issue.

Best Regards,

Nuno R

Hi Ju Flower, 

Have you found any solution for this issue?

Hi Nuno.
Would it be possible to share a module and/or a video with the issue in order to help us reproduce it (and help you overcome your issue) and mention the OutSystems UI version you're using?

Best Regards,

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