In Debugger mode can't able to "Step in" in server action flow.
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.6 (Build 44614)


Reactive Application

I have submit button which call "SubmitOnClick" screen client action. In that action I have one server action say "submit_data".

When I added break point in "SubmitOnClick" screen client action at start node. I am able to Step Over up to Server  Action "submit_data" but here when I click "Step Into" then nothing happen debugger not take in to server action.

Is anything wrong I am doing. Please let me know ASAP.

Hello Rohan,

Can you please put a breakpoint into the Server Action and then try to "Step Into"?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


HI Sachin,

I did add the break point in server action start node. But debugger option is disabled


If your server action is in the same module and you are getting these options disabled, please open a support case with OutSystems. Before that please give a try to close the service studio, restart your system and reopen SS and see if resolves your problem.

Please refer these links as well.

Edit : Please check once you do not have any outdated references in your module.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hello Rohan,

Is the "submit_data" server action in a different module? If so, you need to open that module and start debugging with an entry module selected. The entry module being the module where you click the button "SubmitOnClick".

HI Paul,

The server action is in the same module.


Hi @Rohan J,

You seem to be doing everything right so what you state is definitely unexpected behavior.

1. In Service Studio, Edit -> Preferences is the following option checked? If not, could you check it and try again?

2. You are obviously debugging for a reason. So are you are encountering an error when calling/ executing the server action? You may be encountering a fatal error of some sort? Since you stated that the debugger options are disabled within the server action. If so, could you check/ share the service center logs?

What would be great of course is if you could put together a video snag.



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