How to add text annotation to a PDF file?
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I wanted to edit a pdf file, add text annotations to it and save it as a modified pdf file. 

Example has been shown in the below image.


Hi Ajay,

PDF handling is not part of the core OutSystems functionality. If you want to manipulate PDFs, you should take a look at one of the many PDF components in the Forge, and see if there's one that can do the above.

Hi @Kilian Hekhuis ,

Is there any other way to achieve this? Is there any PDF viewers with text annotation functionality?



I quickly checked, and though there's a Forge component that can extract existing annotations, I can't readily determine whether there's any that allow adding them.

Hello Ajay,

Have you tried this forge component? If not, please try.

Thanks & Kind Regards,



Hi Sachin,

As far as I can seem, that component is for filling in PDF form fields. The OP here is asking about adding annotations. Are you sure the component you linked to can do this?

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