Binary Data Transfer from Server to Client Side.
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Hello All,

One of my Application Scenario is that...

When I click on one ID from client side (Grid View) ; Server Action then take that ID and calls to API for response.

AIP Response has base64 data(1 to 5 MB). I convert base64 to binary data

While sending 5 MB file from Server side to client side it takes much time. And even after that Refresh(Ajax Client side Refresh Widget) take much time to refresh the Grid.  Is there any solution which can speed up the performance (Sending binary data from Server side to Client side) of the application.?

I have to give this option for download files on the client side.



Hi JK2020,

Sending / receiving data from client-side to server-side is depending on the network (this can be specially critical on phones). This is something that needs to be in mind when developing the app to try to minimize this payload or process it background. With binaries, this takes even more importance.

Several things you can take into account:

  • Avoid showing binaries on a list if you don't need to;
  • If you need to show a binary like an avatar on a list, make sure you save a size-optimized version to show as an avatar (using for instance Image Utils Reactive  forge component);
  • Validate the file size against a limit before trying to send a file to the server

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Just an idea, you could zip the binary on the client side, then send the zip to the server and server doing extract.


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