Welcome the new OutSystems Champions - July 2021

Dear community,

I am so excited to share with you all the new OutSystems Champions that are thrilled and ready to do their best in growing their local communities, helping their peers, and sharing their knowledge: Arley Silveira, Assif Riyazuddin, Bryan Minton, Francisco Calderón, Hasan Derawan, Komal Kumbhar, Luis Almeida, Manish Gupta, Márcio Carvalho, Rahul Kumar, Thiago Mari and Vineet Swami.

The Champions program aims to identify, recognize, and reward community leaders that are passionate about OutSystems, and who are continuously motivated to nurturing and growing their ecosystem. It is still unbelievable that half a year has gone by since the program was launched, and all the incredible things that the Champions have accomplished since then!

We have assembled a fantastic group of folks: Arley has been working with OutSystems since the very beginning, having been part of our first customer’s Optimus’ project; Assif is a Forge ninja, specialized in everything mobile and now opening his spectrum to web; you can catch Bryan shining on Youtube sharing his knowledge about OutSystems with the world; Francisco has been learning and growing through the Forums and wants to help others do so as well, while nurturing our community in Ecuador; Hasan has gone above and beyond to deliver the best community events in Malaysia, being one of our local User Group leaders; Komal started her career with OutSystems and has never looked back, and she loves it so much that she’s even evangelized it with her family and fiancee; Luis is a regular in the Dutch community, super passionate about OutSystems since uni days and always wanting to help his peers; Manish is the article guru, eager to share his knowledge through technical publications; Márcio has built a lot of pretty cool stuff in his journey, some focused on front-end, and is now venturing into the Forums and helping others grow; Rahul’s approach to the community is inspiring as he loves being active because he feels it’s his responsibility to help others solve their problem; Thiago is present everywhere he can add value, being a leader for the Lisbon User Group, answering on local Whatsapp and Facebook OutSystems groups and mentoring the ones around him; and last but certainly not least, Vineet has made it his goal to educate, guide and mentor the next generation of OutSystems developers that are fresh out of university, by presenting to students.

Wow, that was one long paragraph, I know... But these are phenomenal folks that really deserve this recognition :) Want to know more about them? Don’t hesitate in reaching out to them and connecting!

Do you see yourself being part of this program? Applications are open to all community members and you can apply here.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to communityteam@outsystems.com or just message me directly.


Congratulations Guys! It is not that we are being recognized for Just the things we do. For me, we are recognized for the heart and soul we bring to our community.

It's amazing to be part of this program, learning with all of our community members and share all with them.

Congratulations to all Champions, and thanks to @Andreia Tulcidás for all the effort and support!

I am very grateful to join a program with so many phenomenal people helping to grow and improve the community. Congratulations everyone!


Congrats to everyone! And it is an honor and pleasure to be a part and have this recognition. 

Many congratulations to all the Champions

Welcome to the family! Congratulations to all the new champions!

Congratulations fellow Champions!
Looking forward to being part of this program, and continuing to improve the community alongside all the other Champions!

Congratulations to everyone!

Congratulations new Champions! It's good to see the family of passionate OutSystems advocates is ever growing!


Thanks all!!! I'm so glad to be a part of this wonderful community!!! 

Congratulations, Champions!


Appreciate all !!

A pleasure to be a part of the amazing community.
Congratulations to the fellow champions & thanks to @Andreia Tulcidás for the support :)

Congratulations all champions... @assif_tiger thanks for your support.


Congratulations Champions! Welcome to the club!!

Congratulations Champions! And thank you all, MVPS, CHAMPIONS, @Andreia Tulcidás @Ana Lopes, COMMUNITY, and OUTSYSTEMS for all the effort and inspiration, and motivation to love to do what we do!!!

Hello all,

I'm very proud to see my name here. Thanks to the community leaders for their efforts, to let all of engineers around the world explore the gold that OutSystems offer, and how it achieves their dream to have this kind of development tools.


Hasan Derawan

Congratulations to all the Champions and thank you for putting efforts in helping the community.

Happy to see three of teammates @Manish Gupta, @Rahul Kumar & @Vineet in the pool.



Thank You Sir, I got inspiration from you and right now I am part of this club. Congratulations All champions. Thanks to All MVPs , @Ana Lopes @Andreia Tulcidás and other members who are putting great effort to make healthy community.

Congratulations to all the champions!!

Congratulations to all, and a special shout out to my colleague Luís Almeida for extending the group of OutSystems evangelists working at Product League. 4 champion's, 5 mvp's and counting... 

Congratulations Guys!!

Congrats all and welcome to the group! 

Congratulations and welcome to the family :)

Congrats everyone

Congratulations everyone and keep it up !

Congratulations to everyone , and a special shout out to my Friend @Komal Kumbhar.

Congratulations again ;-) 

Thank you rahul !!!

Congratulations to all the champions!!

Congratulations everyone for making this community so solid and useful!

Congratulations to everyone!

Congrats everyone! 

Congratulations to all the champions.

Congratulations Guys...!

Congratulations Champions!!

Congratulations to all champions!

Congratulations to all champions for new milestone !!

Congrats for your efforts to all the champions !!! 

Congrats to all, just keep up with that passion.

Congratulations to all the champions!!

Congratulations to all champions.

Congratulations to all the Champions !! Kudos to you all !!
I am happy to see my friend @Komal Kumbhar in champions list :)

Congrats and welcome!


congrats to the new champions!

Welcome Champions ;)

congratulations to all the experts...keep it up

Congratulation Guys 

Congratulations new Champions!

Congratulations Guys!


Congratulations Champions! Welcome to the club!!

Congratulations to all the champions.

Congrats Champs!!! Keep Safe

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