Oracle forms from OutSystems webpage

How to open Oracle forms from OutSystems reactive web page?

or Is there any possible way to embed Oracle forms with OutSystems web page?


Hi Aadhavan,

I think there should have  oracle form services. Have you tried It's integration services. REST Based api  and APIs can be integrated with outsystems. 

According to oracle form direction-

So with the included integration features, connecting an Oracle Forms application to other products and/or technologies is simple. 

Hope this help,

Rahul kr.

 Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the quick response. As per the requirement,  the hindrance is there is no public API available from Oracle end. Requirement is Oracle form java applet should be open in to OutSystems application (Like iframe). Is there any OutSystems article for this?


Hi , 

Please check these  url1

                          -> url2


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