[IdP] IDP: user with long email not able to login to the application
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We are facing issue with our application for some end users to log in to the application. We are using IDP for authentication and it seems some users who have a larger email address, are not able to log into the application.

The error message in the service center is

"String or binary data would be truncated.
The statement has been terminated." in the IDP module

Hello Umesh,

Check out João Paulo's work around in this post. If it fits your scenario, I would suggest implementing the work around, at least until the component addresses it.


- AJ

Our issue seems to be with the external_Id column. The column length is 26, and we are getting user name value into this column. Looking how to change that configuration setting in IDP so we don't put username into the external_id column of user table.

Hi Umesh, the issue is most likley due to an attempt to write a large value in the ExternalId property from the User entity that it's limited to 36 characters.

In case you don't use that property on your applications you can simply remove the claim binding rule on the SP connector section on the "External Id Attribute/ NameIdentifier":

If you need that value, you could either receive it as a custom claim or use the IdP Customizations component to control where to store that field.

I plan to release a new version of the component that will prevent this error by truncating any value received that is larger than 36 characters.


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