[Format Currency] how should it be set?
Forge component by Alexandre Realinho

Is it okay set up like this?

I don't get anything back...


Locale should either be set to GetCurrentLocale() or to "en-GB",

you just copy/paste what you saw in the description of GetCurrentLocale() as example, and this is a condition that would return true or false. Not what you want I think.

Basically I have to associate to each currency that you choose the right autoformatting of the digit that the user enters.

For Example in Portugal you write the 0,25 instead of 0.25, so if the locale is set to the currentlocale of "pt-PT" it will recognize the 0,25 as a valid decimal, and give you 0.25 as a return.

It doesn't depend on the currency by itself, since the Currency field is to recognize the inputted value as the currency sign itself so if you fill:

InputLocaleDecimal : AmountText

Locale : GetCurrentLocale()

Currency : "£"

You will be able to for each locale, be able to recognize de local format of writing the currency, with the £ currency sign in that format

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