[Data Grid Reactive] add system event menu is unavailable
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i want to change the language setting of data grid reactive

but add system event menu is unavailable

how can i use it?


Hello @Jiro Yamada,

By the print screen it seems that you already have the OnApplicationReady event created.

If you have platform server 11.10+ you can set the CurrentLocale to your language, inside that action.

Please check the internationalization documentation.

Let us know if this helps,

Bruno Martinho

thank you for your reply

i found out that the OnApplicationReady already created 

but I cound not find setCurrentLocale.

how can i add setCurrentLocal Action?

my service studio version is 11.11.8.

Hello @Jiro Yamada

Please check the Platform Server version, in service center:

And check the version, that's the one that need to be 11.10+

If you have it, then setCurrentLocale should be able to be references in the <system>.

Bruno Martinho

oh no

my server is too old to use it

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