Ability for a User to build a Custom Report in the UI
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11.11.8 (Build 45664)
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11.12.1 (Build 30548)

We transitioned away from Salesforce about 8 months ago to a full in-house OS CRM & reporting engine and it is overall been a great experience for end users but there is one piece of functionality that has been sorely missed by some of our more data-centric roles, namely our Finance department : The ability to create custom reports on the fly. Has anyone heard of or built themselves a solid custom reporting tool that is available to end Users in the UI? This would essentially be a way for a user to create a custom Aggregate on the fly with some core required functionality below:

  1. Ability to add/remove tables
  2. Ability to create custom filtering in a user frieldly way (ie "Contact Type = Owner" instead of "CustomerContact.ContactTypeId = Entities.ContactTypeDetail.Owner" )
  3. Ability to save reports for future use

I realize Data Grid has some of this functionality but the amount of overhead required to have variable amounts of tables & filters, along with the ability to save reports keep it from being an MVP in this use case at this point. Below is a sample image of the SF Report editor for reference if anyone is unfamiliar.


Hi Nick.

I don't think you'll find a component like this for end users. 

Where they can define what application data they would like to see and which filters they would like to create.

But lets wait to see. Who knows. 

Typically, when users have this type of requirement, they look for tools made specifically for it.

For example, Power BI.

There are some connectors in the forge that you can use to connect with power BI and show your reports on the OutSystems side.

But all the definition of the report is done on the Power BI side, afaik.

It's not impossible to do an app like this, would actually be fun to do, but in my opinion you would be reinventing the wheel. Because you already have some very good tools for that.

If you want to make something like that you could try to leverage the same concept of SQL Sandbox Component where you can execute SQL queries at runtime.

Just keep in mind that a lot of security work needs to be done to ensure the user doesn't try to inject something unwanted into the query and compromise the data.

EDIT: Linking here a very similar topic that you can take a look. ;)

Hope it helps,

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

Hi Raphael!

Thanks for your detailed response! We have used Power BI in the past, along with the Forge component, but the UI just wasn't exactly something that fit within our larger OS Theme & UX. Additionally, the overhead required with having environmentally segmented Power BI reports (Dev->Tst->Prod) had more overhead than we wanted to take on as a Technology team.

  I actually found the Forum post that you linked and had the same concerns you mentioned regarding data security. Something I don't want to risk as we are a small technology team here and don't have the resources to ensure reliability & robust security at all times.

Thanks again, realized the idea was a long shot.

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