Mock Exams for Associative Reactive Developer exam

Hi there I'm trying to find some Practice Exams for the Associative Reactive Developer certification exam. 

Can anyone help me?

The only one I've managed to find is this one( please open my attachment). However this only contains 20 questions.

If anyone knows how to get some more Practice Exam Questions please tell me how.

Kind Regards



Hello shaan, 

First of all, All the best for your exam.

I think there are only 19,20 sample question available in the document. If you need more than there is only one way ask in your circle to expert.

But I want to Share one more thing with you , Discussion URL. Please go through this.

I think this will helps you..  

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


Hey Shaan.

Besides the Sample Exam, what can also help you to prepare and practice are the quizzes on the Guided Paths.

For example, if you follow the 'Becoming a Reactive Web Developer' Guided Path.
Some of the modules will have quizzes, like this one:

If you go in you will find some questions to answer and check your knowledge:

It is not every module that have it, but may help a lot :)

Hope it helps!

Good luck on becoming an AOD (Awesome OutSystems Developer)

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

Yes I've completed all of this already but I find when I do the exam that the questions are in a completely different way and then I struggle which is why it would be really helpful if there were more practice questions.

Kind Regards


Hi Shaan,

In addition to the above learning path links, I would recommend to participate in the 14 days of continuous learning challenge. Here is the link  



Is there more mock question sets to practice? Studying for the certification, please let me know if there is any. Thankyou!

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