How to include Highchart into your project

Hi guys, I would like to know how can I include Highcharts inside my project? do I need to install anything or include anything inside my project? Can someone show me the step by step on how to include Highchart inside my project?

I tried one of the sample given by any other replies but when I try the same way I get some error. I don't know what the person has include in his project that might not be available in my project. This is the sample I refer to.


Hello Sharifah Syahirah,

You can use the charts in outsystems

check for the chart module in your environment. if not so, follow the below process 

1. Install the OutSystems Charts in your environment         

2. Add the dependency


Hope this helps!



Hi Sharifah,

I'm not sure what are some errors that you got when trying, if possible can you share your .oml. 

However what required steps to add highcharts are:

Step1: Adding required Highcharts scripts as in the example (the Gantt chart): 


OR You can import the scripts into Scripts folder

And include it on your screen

Step 2: Run JavaScript on OnReady action. You can get the sample Javascript code to generate highcharts from here

Hope this helps,




As already correctly stated by Ellakkiya:

The OutSystems charts component uses highcharts to create the charts, so there is no need to load highcharts yourself unless you want a chart type not implemented by OutSystems.



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