[Users] Get information on Blocked Login Attempts
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Hello all

I have the need to show Blocked Login Attempts information, but when I try to use actions available from Users, it never returns information even though I know the user is blocked.

I´'ve try using:

  • User_GetLastFailedLoginAttempts (returns empty list)
  • User_GetBlockedStatus (this returns that the user is blocked)
  • IPAddress_GetBlocks (returns empty list)

I know that this information is stored on entity LoginAttempts, but that tatble is private and there is no way to access it unless we use something similar as described in this post, which I think should not be the way.

Anyone know why exactly those functions do not work as I expected them to work, or do I need some configuration for them to return the correct information?


Hello Leopoldo,

 There's actually one idea to make that information available.

You can see Blocked Users and Login Attempts for all USERS from there.

link: https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/3195/ability-to-view-blockedusers-and-loginattempts-for-all-users/

I hope this will sort your problem on some extents.



Hi Abhinav

I've seen that idea, but it still "On their radar" so no implementation yet, and the actions that exist do not seem to work.
I guess the only option I have is accessing by database table name.

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