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Hello everyone,

with the latest update of the OutsystemsUI the "Content\Tooltip" component has a behavior different from expected.

When I add a "Link" to the "Content" placeholder, the link is not clickable. As a workaround, I made an own component with simple 2 CSS classes and replaced the one from OutsystemUI. Could someone take a look at that? Thank you in advance.

BR, Alex

Hi Obelius,

Thanks for your feedback. This is an issue on Tooltip and we already added it to our backlog to solve it on OutSystems UI in our next releases. 

As a workaround, we created a cloned Tooltip pattern with a fix implemented for your use case. 

Please check the attached OML and use it until we release an OutSystems UI version with a fix.

Bruno Marcelino


Hi Bruno,

Although I do not want to hijack this forum thread, I feel like it is relevant enough to add to your answer:

Currently, when either using the OS UI or the new TooltipLink from your OML I am encountering an issue.

When I want to link to something in the content of the tooltip, and not inside the balloon (In your example OML this would be the third example) the link is not functioning. Am I missing something or is this also broken?

Hi Jochem,

The tooltip works with EventListeners to open the content. Using a link inside the tooltip to link to the content will conflict with the existing listeners. That is not a supported use case for that because of the default behavior. If you want to click and open the tooltip you can change the behavior of the input parameter to open only when clicking on the link. With this approach, I think that solves your use case.

On the solution provided by @b.marcelino there is something that is not letting the link work when is inside of the tooltip and has the parameter isHover true

On lines 45 of the javascript on onReady there is a e.stopPropagation();, and that is making the link not working when you click.

Remove that line and you be able to click on the link inside of the tooltip even if you have the parameter isHover true

New OML version added, it is a clone of that @b.marcelino did but line 45 was removed.

Kind Regards,




In Outsystems UI version 2.6.13 this issue still happends and only work with the modiffications in the JS of the OnReady action of the tooltip component.

Hope in next release version this issue get solved.


Ivana L.

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