[CKEditor.Reactive] Image upload tab disappear upon second attempt
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Forge component by Fábio Fantato
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First time clicking on image icon in ckeditor, the following image popup

After saving it to the database, sometimes the upload tab will disappear.

"toolbarGroups : [
        { name: 'document', groups: [ 'mode', 'document', 'doctools' ] },
        { name: 'clipboard', groups: [ 'clipboard', 'undo' ] },
        { name: 'basicstyles', groups: [ 'basicstyles', 'cleanup' ] },
        { name: 'paragraph', groups: [ 'indent', 'blocks', 'align', 'list', 'bidi', 'paragraph' ] },
        { name: 'forms', groups: [ 'forms' ] },
        { name: 'links', groups: [ 'links' ] },
        { name: 'insert', groups: [ 'insert' ] },
        { name: 'editing', groups: [ 'find', 'selection', 'editing', 'colors' ] },
        { name: 'styles', groups: [ 'styles' ] },
        { name: 'tools', groups: [ 'tools' ] },
        { name: 'others', groups: [ 'others' ] },
        { name: 'about', groups: [ 'about' ] }
extraPlugins: 'wordcount',
removeButtons : 'Source,Save,NewPage,Print,Preview,Templates,Cut,Copy,Paste,PasteFromWord,PasteText,Redo,Undo,Replace,SelectAll,Form,Checkbox,Radio,TextField,Textarea,Select,Button,HiddenField,Subscript,Superscript,Strike,CopyFormatting,RemoveFormat,Blockquote,CreateDiv,BidiLtr,BidiRtl,Language,Anchor,Flash,HorizontalRule,Smiley,SpecialChar,PageBreak,Iframe,Styles,Format,Font,FontSize,ShowBlocks,About',
removePlugins: 'elementspath',
wordcount: {
    showParagraphs: false,
    showWordCount: false,
    showCharCount: true,
    countSpacesAsChars: false,
    countHTML: true,
    maxWordCount: 10000,
    maxCharCount: 10000

Hi Shu Yi,

Are you trying to save and refresh in the same screen or does that happen when you go to another screen and come back again later?

I wasn't able to replicate this issue so can you please provide me and oml file to be able to analyse and understand what and I doing different from you?

Thanks in advance,

João Capucha

Hi @João Rafael Capucha ,

Please see the attached oml file. When directed to "Edit" screen, the Upload tab will be removed.


Hi @Shu Yi 

As I mentioned in this other post:

Version 1.0.6 solves the issue that prints "Invalid call of the 'TriggerCkeditorReady' client action" in the console. Unfortunately, it breaks the Image upload feature.

For me, I reverted to version 1.0.5.
If you want to use a newer version of the component, I suggest you try reverting only the change introduced in 1.0.6: simply remove the OnDestroy action of the CKEditor web block. Note that this will cause the console error referred to in the other thread (I haven't noticed any other impacts, though).

I hope this helps.

Diogo Carvalho


I have this problem aswell.

Is somebody working on a fix for this issue?


I have solved it by adding onDestroy event handler in CK Editor. You can see my screenshot as attached.In this handler just page blow lines of code and it will work fine.

if(typeof CKEDITOR !== "undefined") {




The OnDestroy Client Action already exists in the CKEditor.Reactive forge component. I would suggest using the Destroy() function as described in my post here.


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